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Employers & Organizations

Our plans focus intensely on the Physical Health and Mental Wellness of your Employees & their Families.  We accomplish this by providing your Employees and their Families with personal, rapid, open and comprehensive interaction with our Doctors, Specialists and Care Team 24/7. 


Accountable Healthcare Program

Comprehensive Physical Health & Mental Wellness Program
This program provides employees and dependents with a personalized healthcare experience treating all conditions and connecting them directly with our Doctors,Specialists, Surgeons and Mental Health Professionals.

For employees and dependents to feel safe, respected, empowered and protected knowing our team of Doctor’s are always here for them and that there is no limitation on the care we can provide for them.

1. Employees and dependents interact directly with our Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons and Mental Health Professionals 24/7/365
2. Same-day Mental Health assistance from Medical Doctors and Mental Health Professionals
3. The Accountable Healthcare Program includes all the benefits of the Members Assistance Program

Member Assistance Program

Modern EAP program operated by Medical Doctors
This modern EAP program combines the professionalism of Members Health Doctors with the privacy and confidentiality protections of a Doctor/Patient interaction. The deep resources of the Members Health multi-discipline team of Doctors,Specialists, Surgeons and other professionals are employed to help employees and their dependents.

Rapid identification and treatment of the core issue(s) the employee or dependent is struggling with. Joint agreement on an agreed assistance plan with defined end goals. Structure and placement of supports and care contacts to help the employee, assignment of resources needed to positively engage with the employee and in the case of mental health matters, the use of multiple Psychological and Psychotherapy modalities.

Three material advantages over conventional EAP programs:
1. Medical Doctors provide care directly to the employees and dependents
2. Mental Health Professionals provide same day Mental Health care
3. Doctor/Patient confidentiality establishes trust, openness & better outcomes

Independent Medical Services

Direct Access to our Team of Medical Experts
Our Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons, Mental Health Professionals, Case Review Team Doctors and Medical Advisory Board Doctors have an unmatched depth of medical expertise, covering all medical disciplines.This expertise is available to your organization, when, and as needed.

For organizations to have the view our Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons, Mental Health Professionals, our Case Review Team and Medical Advisory Board as their independent and impartial Medical Resource.

1. Direct access to a multi-discipline team of Medical Experts consisting of Doctors, Specialists andSurgeons
2. A Medical Team that is Independent and impartial, and not affiliated with any provider or Insurer
3. A Medical Team whose focus is only on your Members/Employees health and wellness

Our Plans Include


Doctors 24/7/365
-Via Video Call


Follow up calls 24h-48h after your Doctor visit


Diagnostics & Labs
Ordered on Call


Access To Our Doctors From Around The World


Personal Care Managers Dedicated to Each Member


Timely referrals to
Specialists & Surgeons


Complete Doctor
Patient confidentiality


Doctors Notes as
Medically Required


Wellness & Nutrition


Annual Medical Meeting with our Advisory Board Doctors


Same Day Mental
Health Help


Prescription sent to Pharmacy of your choice


Assistance Locating
Family Doctors


Health Library Powered by World Renowned Mayo Clinic


Preventive Personal
Healthcare options

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