Employee Plans

Members Health Employee Health Plans make a meaningful difference in your Employees & their Families lives.

Our plans focus intensely on the Physical Health and Mental Wellness of your Employees & their Families.  We accomplish this by providing your Employees and their Families with personal, rapid, open and comprehensive interaction with our Doctors, Specialists and Care Team 24/7.   

Our Doctors & Specialists Assess, Diagnose, Create a care plan, Take action, and Follow up with your Employee and their Family members to ensure they are receiving the best care path possible. 


The single largest stress inducing event that most Employees face is accessing timely Healthcare for themselves and their loved ones. 


Navigating and accessing the complex and delay plagued Health system creates immense unnecessary physiological and mental stress, and this stems from:

  • Inability to obtain same-day appointments

  • Need to avoid poor care of Walk-In Clinics

  • Desire to avoid the 6 hour plus waits in Hospital ER’s

  • Stress of six months + waits for Specialists

  • Frustration of months-long waits for tests

  • Poor communication overall from nearly all Healthcare providers

Members Health Employee Health Plans and solve these problems for your Employees and their families.


When your Employees or their loved ones are sick, in failing health or struggling, they need:


  1. To speak with a Doctor. 

  2. A care plan. 

  3. To feel unrushed and that they have Doctors focused intently on their Health    

They need Members Health and our team of Doctors, Specialists, Medical Advisory Board, Case Review Team and Care team all in their corner.


We invite you to contact us to learn how our plans have helped other large employers and associations


Tel. 1 800 484 0152

Dr. Donald Jones, Chief Medical Officer

Matthew Handley, President & Chief Operating Officer

“Companies that have prioritized Employee Health and Wellness report a significant return on their investment, through increased levels of employee engagement, productivity, general workplace happiness and the ability to attract and retain talent” Deloitte 

Employee Plans Include


Doctors 24/7- via video call 


Prescriptions sent to Pharmacy of your choice 


Labs ordered on call


Diagnostics ordered on call


Referrals to Specialists

& Surgeons


Doctors notes


Mental Health Help


Assistance locating

Family Doctors


Follow up calls within 24h-48h


Option to get several qualified doctors opinions


Around the world medical advice


Complete Doctor

Patient confidentiality