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Our Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons and Personal Health Managers work as a team and use efficient technology to deliver a personalized healthcare experience for each one of our Members.

$29.99 / MONTH


Being a member means having peace of mind knowing we are here to assist you in any way possible; without interfering with your regular family doctor.

$39.99 / MONTH


We provide comprehensive care and treat multiple issues and family members all on a single call.  We are here for you.

$29.99 / MONTH


Our caring Doctors privately and securely assess, diagnose and develop a care plan for you, on the call.  They are committed to getting you back on track, healthy and ready to achieve your best performance at School.



Our plans focus intensely on the Physical Health and Mental Wellness of your Employees & their Families.  We accomplish this by providing your Employees and their Families with personal, rapid, open and comprehensive interaction with our Doctors, Specialists and Care Team 24/7.   

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How Does It Work?

Book an


Call 1 800 484 0152

or click Book a Doctor on the Website or the App

Our Doctors call

you back in minutes

Our Doctors are here 24/7/365  and call you back at your appointed time slot

They assess, diagnose and write a care plan

Prescriptions, Labs, Specialists, Doctors Notes, Mental Health and Wellness all provided

Our Plans Include

Doctors 24/7- via video call 

Personal Care Manager dedicated to each Member

Assistance locating

Family Doctors

Doctors notes

Diagnostics ordered on call

Prescriptions sent to Pharmacy of your choice 

Access to our Doctors from around the world

Follow up calls 24h-48h after your Doctor visit 

Mental Health, Wellness & Nutrition

Timely referrals to Specialists

& Surgeons

Labs ordered on call

Complete Doctor

Patient confidentiality

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